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“Play is a child’s way of learning and it’s fun too!”

MONTHLY components of each PE Box

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The Physical Education Box Set

Kindergarten-Grade 5

There are two choices of  Physical Education Box Sets beginning June 2022.

Annual Physical Education Box Set

The Annual Set of Physical Education Boxes comes in two shipments.  One set of 4 boxes in the Fall and one set of 5 boxes in the Spring. (Free bonus box on annual subscriptions).

The Semester Set of Physical Education Boxes consists of one shipment of 4 boxes.  

PLEASE NOTE- You are purchasing a “semester’s supply of PE Boxes at one time. 

Monthly Theme and Skills

The Physical Education Boxes contain ingredients of a uniquely designed physical education program for Kindergarten-Grade 5 children.  This skill-based program was designed for the home school student. The skills cards are sequenced from easy to difficult to accommodate and challenge children in the K-5 Grade Span.  The boxes are filled with activities that kids Love!  Parents will appreciate the certificates, parent pages, and exercise cards included in each box.  The 9 areas covered in the program include 1. Balance, 2. Body and Space Awareness, 3. Eye-Foot Coordination, 4. Hand-Eye Coordination, 5. Jumping and Sequencing, 6. Locomotor Movements, 7. Total Body Coordination 8. Striking Skills and Games and a Special  Bonus Box with a child favorite.  Each box has equipment that matches the monthly theme.

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