“Play is a child’s way of learning and it’s fun too!”

MONTHLY components of each PE Box

Each monthly box is filled with fun: Skills Cards, Exercise Cards, Parent Page, Certificate, Monthly Download & more…….

The Physical Education Box Set

Kindergarten-Grade 5

There are two choices of  Physical Education Box Sets:

Annual Physical Education Box Set

The Annual Set of Physical Education Boxes comes in two shipments.  One set of 4 boxes in the Fall and one set of 5 boxes in the Spring. (Free bonus box on annual subscriptions).

The Semester Set of Physical Education Boxes consists of one shipment of 4 boxes.  

PLEASE NOTE- You are purchasing a semester’s supply of PE Boxes at one time. 

Monthly Theme and Skills

The Physical Education Boxes contain ingredients of a uniquely designed physical education program for Kindergarten-Grade 5 children.  This skill-based program was designed for the home school student. The skills cards are sequenced from easy to difficult to accommodate and challenge children in the K-5 Grade Span.  The boxes are filled with activities that kids Love!  Parents will appreciate the certificates, parent pages, and exercise cards included in each box.  The 9 areas covered in the program include 1. Balance, 2. Body and Space Awareness, 3. Eye-Foot Coordination, 4. Hand-Eye Coordination, 5. Jumping and Sequencing, 6. Locomotor Movements, 7. Total Body Coordination 8. Striking Skills and 9. Games and a Special  Bonus Box with a child’s favorite.  Each box has equipment that matches the monthly theme.