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I MOVE PLAY LEARN is unique.
You’ll love the step-by-step parent materials. 
Kids love the games and activities.

Play is kids’ way of learning.

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Physical Education Subscription Boxes

Recess Subscription Boxes

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How it Works

Order online or send a purchase order from your school.

A set of 4 boxes arrive at your door in spring or fall.

Unbox & enjoy! Join us on social media using the hashtag  #IMPL.

Unbox a recess box!

The Semester Set of Recess Boxes consists of one shipment of 4 boxes. 

The games include:
1. Bean Bag Toss
2. Hopscotch
3. Number Grid
4. Ball Hopscotch.

Physical Education Boxes

The Semester Set of Physical Education Boxes
consists of one shipment of 4 boxes.  

The 9 areas covered in the program include:
1. Balance
2. Body and Space Awareness
3. Eye-Foot Coordination
4. Hand-Eye Coordination
5. Jumping and Sequencing
6. Locomotor Movements
7. Total Body Coordination
8. Striking Skills and Games
Special Bonus Box with a child favorite

Meet The Creator

Dr. Melinda Bossenmeyer has a passion for getting kids moving and learning through play. She has a Master’s in Kinesiology with an emphasis in Children’s Motor Development. Plus 30 years in education as a teacher, principal and administrator.

I retired in 2018 and created I Move Play Learn. I created the Physical Education Boxes from a mobile physical education program that I developed and put into 75 preschool and elementary schools in Orange County California.