Older boy on Steps


Older boy on Steps

Welcome to the I Move-Play-Learn website. My name is Melinda and I love creating teacher resources and instructional materials.  I’m a retired educator with 27 years in both public and private schools. I was director of staff development for 8 years at the San Diego County Office of Education.   I was responsible for ongoing teacher training for 27 school districts in all curricular areas.

My passion, however, is capitalizing on kids’ innate desire to move as a fun gateway to learning. Many of my resources demonstrate this.  In recent years, the link between the body and brain has become more apparent, and physical activity is recognized as “warming up the brain for learning”.  One researcher,

and the author, even called physical activity “miracle grow” for the brain.

I hope you will check out my resources and get kids Moving-Playing and Learning.

Thank you for stopping by.

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